Video Types


Animation can be used for almost anything, but this web page isn’t big enough to fit them all in, so we’ve split them into three main categories. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can send any queries here



65% of the population are visual learners, so Animation makes for a very powerful teaching tool. whether it’s through characters or motion graphics. Complex ideas and concepts can be explained simply and make a lasting impression that’s bound to be remembered!



72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service from a video. Using Animation ensures that your video will stand out from the rest. Eye-catching visuals fit your branding and deliver your message in a concise and entertaining way.


GIFS and Branding

Did you know that GIFS have overtaken static images as the most shared format on social media? GIFS have shown to be one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience. We can help bring your branding to life with animated logos, banners and custom GIFS.




Our story-boarding service will get your ideas on to paper, and visualise the project narrative. Whether it’s for an animation or live action, planning out each shot is invaluable.


Script Writing

Our professional script-writing service ranges from technical information to storytelling, and is tailored specifically to each project.


We create a wide range of design work, including logos and banners,iconography, character designs and concept pieces.


Our Animation services include character animation and motion graphics, both available in wide range of styles so there’s sure to a something to suit you.

Additional Services


Marketing with Duco Digital

Duco Digital is a North East marketing business founded by Darren Winter, MA. They believe in empowering their clients to unlock their business growth and potential through professional websites, ethical social media, quality marketing training and consultancy services.

The difference with Duco Digital is:

  1. They build websites you own with no hidden monthly fees and free training to grow your website.

  2. Ethical and organic approach to social media for longer-lasting business performance

  3. Professional training and bespoke consultancy services to empower decision making in your business.

Contact Duco Digital for your website, social media and marketing requirements.