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So you’ve decided you need an animation to help promote your product or business? That’s brilliant, and we’re here to help! So, what next? We think it’s important to know your ideas as well as you do, so that we can tailor an animation specifically to you and your needs. That’s why we’ve created a few simple steps that will let us get started as soon as possible.

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Making Things Simple!

We have broken down what we can offer into three basic formats for you to choose from. Taking into account time, complexity and budget.  For more information on how animation can bring your business to life please contact us for a free consultation.



Our gold standard animation is the best of the best. Full character and set designs, top notch character animation, and a detailed script with professional voice over and music. Perfect for a detailed explainer or promo video for TV or web.


Sometimes simpler is better. Our sliver package includes smashing animation! Simple, charming characters and sets, a high quality script and a professional voice over and sound all included. Silver is best for basic explainers or adverts for social media and websites.   



Basic can be best! If all your looking for is some fun motion graphics and high quality typography then look no further, our bronze quality animation is perfect for you. Best for logos and banners with an optional voice over and sound included.


To get a better idea of how an animation can help you, we’ll need a bit more information about you and your idea. Don’t worry, none of these questions are hard (you’re sure to get full marks), and they’ll help give us an overview of the potential project. So make a cup of tea and settle in for the easiest quiz you’ve ever done.

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Contact Us!

Finally, please contact us for a free consultation so we can start to bring your ideas to life!