Update - May 2019

It’s been a while since our last post. 2018 ended great for us, and 2019 has been even better! We have had the pleasure to work with some fantastic business this year. This post is a short recap of those companies and individuals we have had the pleasure to work with and what we have been up to, as well as some of our plans for 2019.

Returning for a second animation, Project Control Tools were looking for a short simple explainer to show off their new product, Store Mate - a new application designed to get supplies on a building site fast, easy and simply.

We have also been continuing our work with the team at Bespoke Financial Teesside, we have just completed the second series of animations for them, showcasing the great range of services they offer. It has been an amazing series to work on over the last few months.

Continuing our support with the awesome companies at Teesside Launchpad, we collaborated on some really fun animations for Lardello Games and Comics for Couples and had the opportunity to combine live action with animation for some really dynamic videos to help explain and promote both companies’ products.

Most recently we have been working with Equality Lawyers, housed in the Victoria building. We ahve also been working closely with Bespoke Financial Newcastle, to produce a series of videos promoting their various services and the amazing work they do.

We have enjoyed working with the businesses mentioned above, plus many more, and can’t wait to work with them again on future projects.


What has Silver Lining Animation Been up to?

As well as working to create animations for a range of businesses, we have also been looking at new ways we can expand Silver Lining Animation. We have reworked our website with help from the team at Foxbyte, advancing our portfolio section so that we can bring our range of animations to everyone in an easy to use and dynamic way.

We are also working on a couple solo projects that we can’t wait to get out into the world, so be sure to check out Facebook, YouTube and our website for more updates on those.

Thanks again to everyone we have had the pleasure to meet so far this year we can’t wait to see what else 2019 has for us.

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Bespoke Financial Health

We were honoured to attend the launch event for Bespoke Financial Health this week! The team approached us 4 weeks ago to create an animation to advertise their new service.


We met with Michelle and Nathan to discuss the concept and get a feel for what they wanted to focus on within the animation and how they wanted it to look. From this meeting we created storyboards, character designs and finally put the idea into action by creating the animation. It was important to the team that the narrative was focused on real people that had used their product and that the character designs illustrated this.


As a company it is important to us that the whole process, from concept to creation, involves the client and their ideas.

If you would benefit from an animation that will be both unique and personalised to your company, get in touch today for your free consultation!

Animation out of this World!

We recently teamed up with the team at StratoBooster to create a short animated video explaining how their 3 stage rocket works, for use at the University Alliance Enterprise awards.

We're used to working with clients who have a complex idea that needs to be explained, but this one was quite literally Rocket Science!  We sat down with Andrew, the brains behind the project where he explained to us how the rocket works in it's various stages, and the key information that the animation should give. 



With the University Alliance competition looming only 10 days away, we worked closely with the StratoBooster team to ensure that all the necessary information was included and more importantly, accurate. We developed a style that looked polished and professional, while still allowing us to create and animate all of the assets within the time frame.


With the animated explainer video ready, presentation day arrived, and the StratoBooster team knocked it out of the park (out the atmosphere?) and were awarded the Enterprise Stars award. 

If you have an idea or concept that needs explaining, even if it's a bit more down to earth, get in touch for a free consultation! 


Talking Business in Teesside

As a new studio in Teesside, we're always happy to talk about our experience of starting a business in the North East.


We worked with some film students from Teesside University and spoke in an interview about the various challenges and rewards of starting up a business in the Middlesbrough area, as well as talking about some of our favourite landmarks in the Teesside area. 

We'll post the full interview when it's available so watch this space! 

BQ Festival

Business Awards Festival

We recently attended the BQ Business Awards, held in Newcastle, and were lucky enough to speak to some of the country's leading entrepreneurs. It was a brilliant evening, filled with fascinating people, all with truly inspiring ideas.


Congratulations to all o the winners!

Teesside launchpad - Animation in progress

New Project with Teesside University

We've recently been working alongside Teesside Univeristy to create a promotional video for the Launchpad start up scheme, and have been given permission to share a few of things we're working on before release.

An eye catching intro animation making use of the Teesside Launchpad Logo.


Our main character, and heroine, Sally. You'll be following her journey through the Launchpad program. 



Our sets are based on the beautiful Victoria Building on the Univeristy's Middlesbrough campus.

Vic Building In progress.jpg


That's all we can share for now, but be on the look out for the fully completed project!

Hello World!

Hello! Welcome to the Silver Lining Animation blog, we'll use this space to show off some of our work , give animation tips and share any news we may have. 

What are we up to now? We're pleased to have finished our first full animation, a short explainer video for ourselves and we'll be sharing it very soon! We've also started work with our first client, we can't share much just yet but we're very excited!